A Few of My Friends


Pastor Patricia is the Founder and host of AFOMF (A Few of My Friends). A unique women’s ministry designed to help uncover the hidden treasures of darkness, and riches of secret places that God has placed in many women. Bringing health, healing, deliverance, restoration and nurturing through the Word of God. To help women reach their maximum potential in the Kingdom of God, with training, teaching, impartation and making disciples. (Isaiah 45:3)

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AFOMF (A Few of My Friends) Fellowship

Registration starts March 18th on Eventbrite

Special Guest: Lenore Gilbert


2022 Dates For The Ladies Fellowship

February 12th

 April 9th

June 11th


 October 8th 


2022 Dates For The Men’s Fellowship

March 12th

May 14th

September 10th

November 12th


On July 9th we will have a Married Couples Fellowship. This fellowship is for married couples or couples getting married.

On December 10th we will have a men and women’s Christmas fellowship. (Details will follow)